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Smart Mobile Forms

Professional Pest Reports with so many Smart Features

Let's start by generating compliant Pest Reports from your mobile phone or tablet

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As the Global Leader in Pest Management Solutions
We have the Reports you need ready to go. And if we don’t have yours, we’ll build them!

Rapid Solutions

All Termite & Pest Management Reports
from Rapid Solutions ready to go

Report Systems Australia (RSA)

All RSA Pest & Building Inspection Reports
available to use in minutes

We'll Build Yours

Have your own reports? No problem.
We can custom build them for you too!

Specific Reports for:

Rapid Solutions

Report Systems Australia (RSA)

NPMA Reports

NZPMA Reports

SAPCA Reports

BPCA Reports

Integrated Pest Management

General Pest & Service Treatments

Bait Station Monitoring

General Reports for:

Agricultural Weed / Pest Treatment Record & Invoice

Certificate of Installation

Certificate of Termite Treatment

Pest Management Treatment Proposal and Advice

Risk Management Record / Advice Notice

Subterranean Termite Treatment Proposal

Termite Baiting and Self Monitoring Proposal

Termite Colony Baiting Proposal

Timber Pest Inspection Agreement

Urban and Commercial Weed Invoice/Report & Advice Notice

Visual Timber Pest Inspection Report - Pre Purchase

CRM Customer Management

All of your Customer Details in one place!

View all contacts, jobs, notes, documents, tasks and communications in one CRM.
Everything in one place and so easy to use.

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Instant Contacts

Quickly create new customer and supplier files to record all related details in one place


Job Status

View all client jobs and their current status from the client file in seconds


Sales Pipeline

Manage all leads & enquiries with full sales pipeline and never miss another opportunity.


Task Management

Easily create & assign tasks with integrated action log to monitor progress and activity


Email, SMS & Letters

Improve communications with integrated templates for instant email, SMS and PDF letters


Store Documents

Store customer documents such as agreements, scopes and plans with expiry notification


Quotations Assistant

Create Quotes with just a few clicks. The assistant will automatically follow up for you.



Schedule jobs and monitor progress in real time with automated updates and future reminders.


Record Call Notes

Record telephone call notes with auto task creation and history


Store Photos

Store client and job photos for instant view and retrieval. Tag photos with key meta tags.


Invoice Assistant

Instant professional invoices with the assistant that will automatically chase outstanding invoices for you


Business Reporting

Quickly create reports on any activity within the CRM with just a few simple clicks.

Safety First Solutions

Safety Solutions that will change your business

Keep your people safe with smart, mobile checklists for every job type.
Simple to use with awesome compliance.


Safety First Forms

Select from templates or build your own safety forms to suit all job types and environments


Safety Registers

Maintain an Automated Register for compliance processes. All items recorded and tracked.


Pre-Start Control

Safety First option prevents access to Job Forms until Safety First forms are completed.


Task Actions

Generate and assign tasks from Safety & Inspection forms generated in the field


Safety Documentation

Automated expire reminders for all read only documents like Material Safety Data Sheets.


Risk & Non-conformance

Perfect tool for all compliance and conformance reporting with photos, comments, risk scoring and action tasks

Get Safety Processes Paperless & Automated
From simple safety checklists to complex safe work method statements

Mobile Job Management

Smart Scheduling, Monitoring & Job Tracking

Cloud Scheduler, Live Status Updates and so easy to use


Cloud Scheduler

Drag and drop scheduler to manage jobs with real-time updates in map, list and hybrid views


GPS Positioning

GPS location taken at each job status change to provide you wtih valuable location detail


Recurring Jobs

Setup one off jobs or simply create recurring profiles for repeating work with just a few clicks


Job Status Updates

Job status automatically updates as you move through the job stages and sends automated SMS and email


Safety First

Ensure that all required safety forms are completed before the job can start - with nothing missed!


Travel Tracking

Record travel and break times with GPS location and full job recorded activity


Future Reminders

If you are performing recurring work the auto reminders send by email & SMS to ensure all future jobs.


Flexible Forms

Collect and report on custom information for work and job sheets to suit your business.


Hybrid View

View scheduled jobs in list, schedule and hybrid mode showing all jobs in map and scheduler view

Sales Pipeline

Make the most of every Sales Opportunity

Automated sales pipeline to track and maximise every sales lead


Capture the Lead

Easily collect new lead and enquiry information with ease from both web and mobile app


Smart Convert

Simply swipe and click to convert the lead to either a quote, invoice or job


Manage the Pipeline

Move your sales enquiries through your customised stages with automated pipeline value updated


Create Tasks

Click to generate Tasks from Leads in the Sales Pipeline for even greater automation


Automated Follow Up

Trigger automated communications by email, SMS and letter as your prospects move through the pipeline


Auto CRM Client

All new leads automatically generate a new contact account in CRM for complete record

Workflow & Tasks

Automated Workflows to save so much time

Smart workflows triggering from job forms, safety, inspections and so much more


Smart Form Actions

Trigger a whole range of automated actions based on a form field result or total form status


Job Status Updates

Multiple job status updates can be sent by email, sms or notification automatically as the job progresses.


Action Task Management

Instant Task Action generates from issues detected, non-conformances, failed inspection points with register and notifications


Future Job Reminders

Automated management and reminders for all future job appointments with multi-stage reminders by SMS, email and task notification


Automated Workflows

Trigger automated workflows for any processes from simple PO requests to advanced multi-stage requirements



Integrate the data, documents and job information generated with Formitize with other software solutions via CSV, XML or API.

Smart Accounting

Simple, integrated and Super Smart Accounts

Easy to use Quoting, Invoicing and Expense Management


Create Quotes in Seconds

Create and email Quotations with just a few clicks from either the app or desktop. Add attachments and sign on screen. Quote Assistant will follow up all open Quotes


Auto Attach to Jobs

Use Job Type templates to attach Quotes or Invoices to new jobs automatically using default line items or attach existing invoices to jobs for pre-paid scenarios.


Photos & Signatures

Add Photos and Signatures to your Quotes and invoices with ease. A picture tells a thousand words and can be added so easily. Customer and Team can digitally signs on glass to confirm


Awesome Instant Invoicing

Swipe and click to convert Quote to Invoice. Email invoices instantly with attachments. Add photos and client signature with ease. Take instant card payment with auto receipt.


Smart Assistants to Help

Quote Assistant will help convert Quotes by sending follow up reminders automatically by email and SMS. Invoice Assistant will chase all outstanding invoices for you so you can focus on making money.


Powerful Integration

Powerful two way integration with accounting software solutions such as Xero means everything is kept up to date, all the time providing you full visibility and live updates.


Simple Expense Management

Now it’s so simple to record business expenses. Just a few clicks and take photo of the receipt to store against the expense. So fast and your Accountant will love you forever.


Automated Attachments

Add attachments to Quotes & Invoices either automatically or on the fly. Perfect for Terms & Conditions, Agreements, Sales Material and more. Helping you stay compliant and protected.


Mobile Payments

Integrated Mobile Payment Gateway means you can create instant invoices and take card payments without leaving the app all in one fast transaction with instant payment receipt.

Document Management

Access to the Right Documents, all the time

Document Control with permissions and automated expiry notifications


Easy Upload

Create custom folders and upload documents so everyone has the latest versions all the time


User Management

Control who has visibility of what documents by assigning them to user groups


Expiry Reminders

Any document with an expiry date can be automatically managed with integrated reminders

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